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Are you in need of some work on your photography before your place your order? We have an award-winning photographer and professional photo re-toucher on staff! Eldeen Annette specializes in creating images that are suited to the tastes and needs of her clients, and she works closely with us here at Photo Card Chef to provide edits for your images.  Eldeen Annette offers services such as creating beautiful black and white or sepia images, skin softening and editing, color and tone work, and more.

FIVE IMPORTANT THINGS to to know before you place an order for a photo edit:
1. If you would like to place a photo edit order, you must complete the photo edit order before ordering your cards. Once we receive your photo edit order, we will email you the new version of your image to save on your computer. Once you have the edited version of your image safe and sound on your computer, you can come back to Card Chef and proceed with your photo card order using the new, edited image.

 Your images must be high resolution. We cannot guarantee a good result unless we have a full-resolution, original digital file to start with. Check the size of your photo to see how large it is before ordering. If your image file is under 800KB in size, it is considered low resolution and we will not be able to work with it. High resolution image files usually measure in MB, not KB.  DO NOT pull photos from websites, such as facebook and blogs, as these images are usually sized-down for web use.

3. Noise or grain cannot be edited out of an image. Having a grainy images most likely means your photo was taken in low light or with a small camera (such as a camera phone). We are unable to eliminate noise or grain in your photos.

4. Are your images too bright or too dark?  This is not an issue that we can fix, unless your image is a RAW file, and then only rarely are we able. When a photo has blown-out highlights or black shadows, the camera did not capture enough of the digital “information” that we would need to create a successful edit.

5. Were your images taken by a professional photographer?  We cannot edit or modify a professional photographer’s work without direct written consent from the photographer. If you have written permission from your photographer, simply email us at info@cardchef.com with the editing release.

You will work one-on-one with Eldeen Annette as she works her magic on your images. Each Photo Edit order includes one rough draft and one final edit of your photo (two versions total). Your final edit will be emailed to you in full resolution for you to use on your photo card order, and for other personal use.

You can choose one or more of the following editing options:

Converting to Professional Black and White:


Converting to Professional Sepia Tone:

Color Enhancement:

Increase Contrast:


Skin Work:


Removal of Stray Hairs:


Eye Enhancement (lightening, brightening, making them sparkle):


Under-Eye Bag Softening:


Teeth Whitening:


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