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Graduation Announcement and Invitation Wording Ideas

Graduation Announcement Wording and Graduation Invitation Wording should be as unique as you are. At Photo Card Chef, we create each graduation announcement customized with your text, so you can enter as much or as little text as needed as far as the card can hold everything you'd like to say! You can keep your announcements and graduation party invitation wording simple, stating just the basics and letting the photos do the talking, or you can include personal quotes, poems, scripture verses, and notes in addition to the party or announcement information.

Many parents, grandparents, and friends will keep your graduation announcements as keepsakes. Often a photo and a personalized quote will make all the difference and even create a frame-worthy card to be cherished for generations. If creating such a memento is one of your goals, keep the front of the card simple with a photo and a name or quote or scripture verse, and enter the rest of the party details on the back.

One fun thing to include on the back of your graduation photo cards is keep-in-touch information and details about what next year will hold. A little note about where the graduate will be attending college next year, an email address, mailing address, facebook or instagram account name, or phone number are all appropriate ways to invite friends and family to stay in touch.

If you're looking for more formal wording, you will want to type out your date and include several line breaks. An example of this section of the announcement could look something like:
Announcing the graduation
Janice Lynae Portland
Ellsworth High School
the tewnty-fourth of May
two thousand nineteen

(side note: when typing out the year, do not include an "and." For intance, two thousand and nineteen is not considered grammatically correct.)

The most important thing to remember when choosing wording for graduaiton announcements or wording for graduation party invitations is that ultimately your words are totally customized and up to you! Go classic, go unconventional, get creative, or stay formal. There are no wrong answers (except maybe to spell your name wrong by accident. Believe it or not, we've had that happen! Remember to edit and send to a friend to double check!). We can't wait to see what creative wording ideas for graduation you come up with.


Graduation Announcements Wording Requirements


There are a few things that every graduation announcement should include:
The graduate's full name, the name of the high school or college, and the graduating year. Most also choose to include future plans, and a personal note of some kind, whether it's party information, parent's names, a personal letter, or a thank-you memo to friends and family for all of their love and support.

Graduation Invitations Wording Requirements


Much like announcements, every graduation invitation or graduation party invitation should include:
The graduate's full name, the name of the high school or college, and the graduating year, and the party information (date and time, location, and whether the party is an open house or dinner, and possibly RSVP details with a due date). Often, parents will order custom cards that include a map to the location of the party or open house.

High School Graduation Announcement Wording Examples

If you’re searching for the perfect high school graduation announcement wording, look no further! See below for several examples suitable for every high school graduate.

Our little girl has grown up
We are excited to announce
The Graduation of
Liana Leishman
from Littleton School of the Arts
May 24th 2019

Class of 2015
Announcing the graduation of 
James Michael Davidson
East Lake High School
May 24th, 2019
James will be attending North Utah University in the fall
Majoring in Engineering 

Laurel Smith
is graduating from Alpine High School
May 24th, 2019
Thank you for your love and support.

Class of 2015
We are thrilled to announce the graduation of
Heather Bohlen 
Thornton High School
May 24th, 2019
In the Fall, Heather will attend Madison College to pursue her dreams in Education.

College Graduation Announcement Wording Examples

College Graduation Announcements and Invitations should include the details on the degree, as well as any awards, honors, or other accolades. Friends and family will want to share the your joy and celebration!

2019 Grad
Marco Lopez
Graduated from Vermont University 
On May twenty-fourth, two thousand nineteen
With a Bachelor of Communications

Harrison Powers
is graduating from Beaumont College
Class of 2015
B.S. in Biochemistry 
Magna cum Laude

Wendi Forbes
University of Southern California
Doctorate of Computer Science

Graduation Invitation Wording Examples


Unlike some grad announcements, graduation party invites should include the date, time, location, and RSVP information for your graduation celebrations. Here are a few example of Graduation Party Invitations to get your ideas going.

Class of 2019
Graduation Open House Celebration honoring
Shelly Bundy
Saturday, June 8th 
4-8 p.m.
Weld County Park
We can't wait to celebrate with you!