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What is Difference Between the Different Finish Types?

Smooth Matte is a flat matte card with a smooth, untextured finish. The card stock is 110#. This is the default finish type for most cards.

Semi-Gloss is just as it sounds. The finish is semi-glossy. This card stock is 110#.

High Gloss UV-Coating can be added to your cards to protect from sun damage and scratches. The coating gives the cards a heavier, thicker feel, while making your photos more crisp and clear. Most of our customers add the High Gloss UV-coating to their cards to create a more “high-end” result. This card stock is 110# with added weight from the UV Coating for a thicker card.

Pearl UV Coating gives your cards a shiny, shimmery, pearly sheen, while still protecting from minor scratches and sun damage. The Pearl coating is a stunning option and is for those who want to truly impress their guests with their wedding invitations. This card stock is 110# with added weight from the UV Coating for a thicker card.

Matte “Watercolor Paper” Card Stock looks like the cards have been printed on a thick watercolor paper. The card has a slight texture to it and is a matte finish. This card stock is 90#.

Matte Linen Texture literally has a slight cross-hatch linen feel. The linen texture is a matte finish. This card stock is 80#.

Matte Recycled is a perfect way to go green with your wedding invitations. The card stock is 100% recycled and is 100# weight. The cards are bright white with very minimal flecks of ‘recycled paper’ in it. The finish is completely smooth matte with no texture. We can add our green arrow recycle logo on the back upon request at no charge to show others you’ve gone green for your wedding

Note: The special shaped cards are all printed on 90-100lb card stock.


What size/resolution do my photos need to be?

High resolution photos will look amazing on your invitations but low resolution images can turn out grainy. For best results, each photo image file needs to be between a 900KB and 15MB in JPG format. A bigger size will produce a better product. Sometimes it may take awhile to upload large, high resolution images to the website so please be patient during the upload. Images over 15MB cannot be uploaded to the website, so we ask that you have your photographer size them down to under 15MB in size.

We do not recommend using scanned photos, as photo quality is usually too low to reproduce a nice, high quality product.


Can I use any card design as a wedding invitation?

Yes!  Just because a card is listed under a category like graduation cards doesn’t mean you can’t use the design as a wedding invitation.  Any card on the site can be used for any occasion.  We often have customers use their own creativity to customize an existing design to make it their own, that is what is fun about using the Photo Card Chef, you get to have everything just how you want it and you get to express your style.  Turn a wedding announcement into a graduation announcement, turn a holiday card into a wedding announcement, the sky is the limit.


How long until I get my order? Is there tracking information?

We can ship quickly but printing takes time!  In the US, all cards except for return address labels and magnets are shipped via UPS ground and will take up to 7 business days to arrive. We also offer a 2 business day shipping option, and an overnight shipping option. Ship times do NOT include print time, which usually take 48 business hours. International orders may take up to 24 business days to arrive.  Tracking information will be emailed to you upon shipping.


What postal provider will deliver my order?

Your photo cards order will be delivered via UPS, Fedex, or USPS to the lower 48 states. Unfortunately we are NOT ever able to ship to P.O. Boxes. International addresses, Hawaii, and Alaska require additional ship time. 


What kind of paper is used?

Quality, heavy card stock is used on all cards with a choice of professional finishes.  Semi-Gloss, High Gloss, Smooth Matte Recycled, and Pearl Coated cards are printed on 110# card stock.  The Smooth Matte finish is printed on 100# smooth white card stock. The Matte Linen finish is printed on 80# card stock, and the Matte Watercolor Paper Card Stock is printed on 90# card stock.


Can I have the web address removed from the back of my photo card?

Yes.  There is a $50 fee associated with this request. Contact us for more information on how to order a web address removal.


Can I change the design or modify the layout of my photo card?

Yes. If you need minor changes (such as removing a photo, adding a photo, or moving the location of a graphic), we can make this change to our template for a $25 Re-Design fee. Please contact us with your request and we will provide further instructions on how to customize our template.


Do You Have a Catalog?

We do not offer a printed catelog. Our product line is constantly changing.  In fact, we typically add between 2 – 7 new cards every week!  Check our website frequently for the latest new invitation designs.


I Wasn't Given Enough Envelopes

Our printer typically includes 2-10 extra prints with your order so you have a few spares and to guarantee the highest quality results.  Envelopes are pre-packaged in groups of 25. It may seem like you are short a few envelopes, but in reality, you have been given extra prints for free!


What if I’m not happy with the finished product?

We strive to provide the best products and a positive experience for all of our customers.  We have received great reviews and have many loyal repeat customers.  We believe your experience with us will be great.

Please be aware that all sales at Photo Card Chef are final. The customer is responsible for carefully reviewing our Terms of Purchase and the card design before ordering a card.  This includes reviewing the card dimensions, layout, fonts, etc. We do not offer refunds or reprints if no errors were made by Photo Card Chef.

It is your responsibility to review your proof for errors and to make sure you are completely satisfied with the spelling, dates, layout, design, and photo cropping of your card before approving your proof. It is your responsibility to review finish types by either our online description or by ordering a sample pack.

Spelling and typographical errors not brought to our attention prior to approving the proof are the customer’s responsibility (we do not spell check the text you provide).

Please note that up to 1/4 inch will be cropped off around all sides of your card during printing (this cropping may not be reflected in your proofs).  Because every print job is a little bit different we cannot take responsibility for color variances.

Photo Card Chef wants you to be completely satisfied – even overjoyed with the results.  We WILL offer a reprint AND expedited shipping if an error was made on our part, but will not reprint for any other reason.


Will my order come with envelopes?

Yes, mostly. All of our cards come with envelopes except for directions cards, return address labels, and magnets. Our standard envelopes are white woven.

Please note: Our printer alwasys includes 2-10 extra prints with your order, but envelopes are pre-packaged in groups of 25. It may seem like you are short a few envelopes, but in reality, you have been given extra prints for free!


Is the price per card, or per set of 25?

The price listed is per card. Cards are sold in sets of 25. The price includes standard white envelopes.