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Printed Moving Announcements

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Want a more personal and fun way to share your new address with friends and family? We all know that the mass text that you are tempted to send out can easily get deleted and then you have way too many people asking for your new address over and over (I know – I’ve been there!) The solution is personalized and simple: send out announcements. Take a photo of your family in front of your new place, pop it onto one of our hundreds of card designs (remember – every card on our site is customized with your info and photos, so ANY of our cards can be used as a moving announcement!), and voila! You have a personalized change of address announcement that everyone will love to receive.

So many of our card designs have such simple, yet unique designs, that making a custom moving photo card announcement is a piece of cake. We have several photo card options with one photo if you’re looking to just send a picture of your new house, or if you want to go the extra mile and send photos of family members too, choose a card with several photos! We got incredible feedback when we sent our “We’ve Moved” announcements out. We doubles our announcements as House Warming Party Invitations.

Your custom text might read something like,

“We’ve Moved!”
Please make note of our new address in your books.
The Robertson Family
12345 Main St.
Joytown, NE 47368

You are invited to join us for a House Warming Party
July 14th from 5 – 8 pm

We can’t wait for your to come visit us.

Visit our site and browse graduation, and wedding invitations for a design that will work perfectly as your moving announcement.