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Nature's Jewel - About the Designer

Posted by Ellie on

Aria is 10 years old and has been pursuing art for as long as she can remember. She draws daily inspiration from beautiful Colorado, where she lives, from the mountains and their delicate flowers to the wild grasses of the fields. When she grows up, Aria wants to produce art that is meaningful. She loves to experiment with all types of mediums, and has found a particular knack for jewelry creations. 

In addition to learning how to budget, save, invest, and spend wisely (with an ice cream cone thrown in once in a while for fun), Aria joyfully donates 10% of her profit to charity organizations like Worship and the Word Movement and Compassion International.

Thank you deeply for partnering with Card Chef to support her dream of becoming a meaningful artist.

She hopes that you absolutely love your one-of-a-kind necklace and will cherish it for years to come.

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