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How to Choose a Graduation Photo Announcement for Your Personality

Posted by Eldeen Annette - Portrait Photographer on

We have an idea, and we think you’re going to agree with it: Your graduation announcement should reflect your personality in every way. That’s it! Simple. But for some reason, so many photo graduation announcements out there on the big, overwhelming web seem incredibly generic. You are not like all of the other graduation seniors, so why present yourself like you are?

Photo Card Chef started a long time ago and one of the pieces of advice we got from our SEO guy turned out to be one of the most appreciated, supported, and important foundational elements of our entire company. His valuable advice was to gear our pages toward what he called “Long-Tail Keywords,” which basically means, create products and pages based on words that not many people will search for. Something like “Blue Peacock Feather Wedding Photo Invitations,” or “Totally Awesome Graduation Cards with Photos.” Sounds like crazy advice, right? How many clicks will we get with such obscure target words? Well, it turned out to be the foundation of our design process. While we do have a few more classic designs with normal titles, the majority of our photo card designs are unique. We tailor our designs toward the more original personalities. Graduating seniors that shop with us are very likely to find a totally unique style that is truly a perfect match to who they are. Those who love basketball or football, swimming, flowers, play violin or piano, or just want a design with an overarching style that matches their personality, like grungy photo graduation cards, modern graduation announcements, vintage, high-end, and so on, will be happy when they find a card that speaks to who they are.

And at Photo Card Chef, we (unlike many of the big-box companies out there) can create totally customized cards just for you, if by chance we haven’t thought up the perfect design for you yet. All you have to do is tell us your dream graduation announcement or invitation, and we can make it happen at a very affordable custom design rate.

Check out some of our original styles that have become a very welcome change for seniors in search of something more than just generic. We have Steampunk Graduation Announcements, Football Graduation Photo Cards, Motorcycle Flames Graduation Announcements, Retro Graduation Invitations with Photos, Swimming Graduation Cards, and just so many more. We can’t wait to see what you choose!