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How to avoid delays when ordering Graduation Announcements

Posted by Ellie Pickett on

Around mid May, we get all kinds of last-minute orders from customers who love our products, but need them in a hurry - and that's ok! Card Chef is set up for very speedy processing, still with a fully custom card and personal service approach. There is so much to do during graduation season, from attending parties every weekend, to job hunting and making summer plans, to graduation itself, that it's often difficult to not procrastinate on a few things.  Despite all the chaos that graduation season can sometimes bring, it truly is a magical, once-in-a-lifetime season that should be treasured. Are you finding yourself in a place where you're ordering last minute graduation announcements? We've compiled a few tips that will help make sure your order goes through as quickly as possible.

1. Double check all of your info before you order. 
You would be surprised how many people find out they've given us the wrong date or location of graduation after they see their proofs. Our designers are FAST at replies and changes, but you can avoid the inevitable delay that goes along with receiving a full new set of proofs that incorporate your changes. Simply do a fact check on dates, locations, and times.

You can also type out your text in a Word document and send it over to a friend or family member to spell check. Double, triple, quadruple check all spelling. In addition to fact and spell checking, make sure you like the format of your information. Everything from which letters on your graduation announcement that should be capitalized, to where commas and periods go can be something you want to change after seeing it. Type it out before hand so you can see how your graduation information reads. When you are totally satisfied with your beautiful writing,   :)    you are just about ready to order your photo graduation announcements or graduation party invitations.

2. Are your photos all good choices for your card?
There are a few things to double check about your graduation photos to ensure a good fit with the card that you have selected. The most important one is to make absolutely sure that images are all high resolution. Low resolution photos can't be printed clearly, and you will have to go on a hunt for new photos to avoid a pixelated print. Check your photos by finding out what size they are (easiest way).  If they measure in MB, you are good to go. If your photos measure in KB, then somehow you have gotten your hands on photos that are not suitable for printing. Call your photographer for high resolution, digital files that are ready for printing.

Make sure the photographer has released your chosen images for printing - make sure you have the printing rights. You won't be able to print photos that are copyright protected. If you don't have access to the full resolution files, then you likely do not have permission to print the photos. Your designer will inform you if they need to see a photographer's release, but they wont' question the submitted graduation photos if they are full resolution, UN-scanned photos. Also double check your image files for a copyright or photographer's logo. This will also cause a delay in your proofing process.

The last thing to double check with your pictures is that they will be a good fit for the spaces on the card. If you have chosen a card with two vertical photos, the best thing to do is submit horizontal photos. A vertical photo that is supposed to go into a horizontal space will significantly impact the crop of your photo. Once you see the proofs, you may need to spend time locating new photos that will fit the orientations on the card. In the case where ANY photo will have to be cropped (circle frame or square frame), then find a photo with lots of "extra space" that will make it easy for our designer to fit the graduation picture into the frame.

3. Order rush shipping.
Cards take 48 hours to process before shipping (which sadly can't be rushed), but if you need these cards in a hurry, order 2-day or overnight shipping for peace of mind. 

If everything goes well and you have prepared well, you can literally have your cards in hand only 3 - 4 days after your place your order. Our designers usually get your proofs out just 2-6 hours after your order. Keep an eye on your email and double check your spam folder if you don't see the proofs email. 

We can't wait to see which design you choose!

~The Staff of Photo Card Chef

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