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20 Unique Graduation Announcements for 20 Personality Types

Posted by Ellie Pickett on

One of the best parts of this world is how truly unique every single person is, which is why having Unique Graduation Announcements that match your original style is important. Without a totally original look for your graduation cards and invitations, it would be nearly impossible to document this momentous event in a way that was memorable and had an impact. Everything about the graduation season is purposeful, meaningful, and should have a lasting memory.  From the gown, to the party, to the gifts, and the announcements, it truly is a time to highlight the graduating high school senior -- who they are, what they love, where they're going, celebrating where they've been and how far they've come.

When looking through the enormous variety of invitations and announcements for graduation that are available out there, follow a few rules and you'll find one that kicks off graduation the right way, just perfectly for you and your unique self! We've thought up 20 different personality types that we have specifically designed graduation photo cards for. Of course, there are never-ending unique personalities, which is why we also do totally custom design work upon request, but we have had incredible feedback about our designs and how perfectly some of them match the college or high school seniors they are for.  Add a unique design to a card that has lots of pictures, and you have a truly one-of-a-kind photo card that you will be proud to send out, and that everyone will love to receive. These designs are the type that you want extras of to pass down to future generations.  These are the styles that are so personalized and feel so custom, that grandparents will cherish and frame them for the mantle.  See if one of these categories fits you!  

1. Organized and Easy-Going Simplicity
Is your idea of the perfect day, sitting down with a book, basking in the sunlight on a warm day, and keeping things organized and simple?  In your room, does everything have a place? We have a long list of designs that are geared toward this personality type.  Nothing too ornate, colorful, bold, or strong..  just simple, clean lines that reflect and highlight your true personality in your photos. Nothing distracting, but a perfect foundation for a beautiful, clean-looking, simple graduation card.  We have many examples of simplistic cards - here is one of our most popular designs.

Simple Graduation Announcements

2. Modern and Contemporary
Simplicity mixed with modern art and design. If you love things a bit out of the ordinary, your idea of a great day is visiting the art gallery and you tend to linger in the modern art area, then these contemporary graduation cards might be perfect for you. We keep the lines clean and timeless, while still adding a hint of progressive style.

Contemporary Graduation Announcements

3. The Artist
Do you find yourself doodling on your math homework?  If you find that your most inspired, happy times are alone with a pencil and paper, then these doodle graduation announcements might represent you perfectly.  They combine an actual artist's doodles with a unique, totally original style that you can't get anywhere else.  Truly, these are uniquely Graduation Cards for an Artist

2. Modern and Contemporary Simplicity mixed with modern art and design. If you love things a bit out of the ordinary, your idea of a great day is visiting the art gallery and you tend to linger in the modern art area, then these contemporary graduation cards might be perfect for you. We keep the lines clean and timeless, while still adding a hint of progressive style.

4. A Star
Do you see your name in lights in your near future? Or are you invested in acting, love movies, or simply want an invitation that will make people smile? These Movie Poster Graduation Announcements are designed for those who love to be in the spotlight (and that's a GOOD THING!).  


5. The Cowboy or Cowgirl
These fun barnwood graduation announcements with a "branded wood" look for your name are designed for a mroe Rustic look.  Perfect for Cowboys and Cowgirls, or even those graduates who are from Texas!   The Western look is modern and still rustic. We have several different barn wood designs to check out online. 

6. The Bookworm
Find yourself carrying a book around all the time?  If you are going into teaching, literature, English, or majoring in journalism, these Book Graduation Cards are SO much fun and get rave reviews.  Inside, you get to write a "story" all about you.  Designed to look like an old book on a wood table, you won't find a more perfectly tailored folded photo card for Book Lovers and English Majors.

English Major Graduation Cards

7. Eclectic
If you love everything to be unique but go together perfectly, these folded graduation announcements have a bit of texture, color, and are a great choice for an eclectic personality.

Folded Photo Graduation Cards

8. Grunge
If you're into a slightly more grungy look, these are the cards for you.  Skate-boarders, snow-boarders, artists, and others who don't necessarily love things to be cute or girly will love the unique simple grunge look of these Graduation cards.

Grungy Graduation Cards

9. Feminine
These incredibly beautiful 5x7 tri-fold cards are just as impressive as they are unique.  Watercolor flowers and a modern, beautiful, whimsical font make these cards the right choice for girls who love flowers and all things pretty.

10. Entrepreneur
These Magazine Graduation Announcements would be great for just about any personality, but if your high school graduate is planning to do something BIG with their future, what better way to feature who they are than these? You customize all of the "Magazine cover text" to perfectly highlight your senior.

Unique Graduation Announcements

Enjoy browsing through our site for some of the most unique graduation announcements around!  To find the perfect fit for you, we even invite you to browse other companies online that sell graduation photo announcements.  We are confident in our designs and more unique styles!

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