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Photo Card Chef was founded by the creative mind of Eldeen Pickett of Denver, Colorado. In 2008, she began desiging a more original line of photo cards for graduation, weddings, and Christmas that would be more unique. In the beginning, it was actually just for fun - an artistic outlet and enjoyable way to spend time after having two new babies at home. Incredibly, within just 1 year the company grew 2000% and continued to skyrocket over the next several years! We have been honored, humbled, and blessed to see such success and continue to create photo card designs that are just different than what else is out there. Our desire is for our customers to find a card that exactly matches their personalities, whether it's modern, elegant, spunky, grungy, steampunk...  and when you can't find a card that is exactly what you need, we have a custom design service where we capture your personality in a card made from scratch (and love) just for you.

Our website is set up differently than other photo card sites. Because our photo cards are more unique, the designs are often complicated and have to be put together, by hand, by a trained Photoshop professional. For instance, we have one graduation announcement that will turn your background into an American Flag, and a tri-fold wedding invitation that has an incredible amount of photos laid out in a beautifully elegant design. Rather than minimize our designs so a website can put it together for you, we opted for a more personlized service, where we take your photos and text, and create a customized proof for you within just 24 hours (usually less). This way, our designs can stay complex and our customers can have a personal service. We give you the opportunity to request changes before printing, of course, and want your cards to be just exactly as you imagine (hopefully better!) before sending to the press.

Our cards are printed onto heavy card stock wtih several finish options available. Press printing is the finest form of card printing and will provide you with a crisp print, beautiful color, and a high-end look. We always include envelopes with standard photo card orders.

Card Chef now offers high end, absolutely stunning photo gifts, such as photo necklaces and a beautiful photo locket, customized rings, photo bracelets and charm bracelets, and photo Christmas Tree ornaments. These make perfect gifts for a loved one (or for you!).

At Photo Card Chef, we provide a more customized experience, offering a complimentary design service to ensure that your photo are the right choice for your card. We know that choosing an image can be difficult, especially when the image may need to be cropped into a circle, oval, or square. One of our talented designers will create a beautiful preview for you, making edits or adjustments to your images if necessary, so that your chosen photos will fit perfectly into your custom photo card or photo gift.  To give us a great head start, please read through the Photo Requirements to ensure that your preview is just how you envisioned from the start.

Thank you for allowing us to serve you! We can't wait to see which desing you choose. Here are some quick links to get you started:

Photo Graduation Announcements  |  Photo Wedding Invitations  |  Photo Holiday and Christmas Cards